Philosophy and History

Superior Motion Control is a small business, that is AS9100 certified, and ITAR Registered. Superior has been doing business with the major military contractors for over 30 years. The supplier role that we fill draws on many Superior resources. Superior has a fully integrated operation, encompassing the design and manufacturing of complex custom electromechanical actuators. These linear and rotary electromechanical actuators and gearboxes are used in a wide variety of marine, ground and aerospace applications in support of our military.


Although Superior Motion Control is a fully integrated operation, from design to the manufacture of custom complex electromechancial linear actuators and rotary gearboxes, Build-To-Print opportunities are also of interest. As a result of being a small business, Superior offers lower cost solutions for Build-To-Print electromechanical assemblies, gearboxes, linear actuators or complex machine part requirements. 


Quality Policy

To consistently provide a quality service and distribute products that meet or exceed all of our customer's requirements. To further provide these products in a timely fashion and maintain our leadership in product quality and on-time performance.

Superior Motion Control Custom design manufacturer military linear actuator gear box Zumwalt with custom Hatch Actuator Unit on Vertical Launch System